Do You Need a Brand Strategist? Here’s How to Tell

You've definitely felt it.

The noise on the internet today.

It’s unbearable.

Ads everywhere. Thousands of businesses clamoring for your attention and your click.

And because of that, people’s attention spans are dropping rapidly. It’s harder than ever as business owners to reach our customers in a way that they’ll actually pay attention to.

How about you?

Has your company broken through the noise and seen amazing results online, or have you joined the long list of businesses with “ghost town” social media accounts, lackluster website engagement, and bafflingly poor sales numbers—despite having an amazing product?

If this isn’t working for you, the issues normally boil down to one thing:

A need for better branding.

It’s about cutting through to the exact right person, and then convincing that person that you’re the absolute best option for them.

This means you need to:

  1. Hone your target audience
  2. Clarify your message so it reaches them more effectively
  3. Make your customers’ journeys through the buying process easier
  4. Supercharge your website, your mailing list strategy, and your social strategy
  5. Run high-converting paid ads that not only pay for themselves, but go positive
  6. Implement better upsells and downsells so every sale is worth more money
  7. Think up new, more attractive product offerings for your customers

At Leverage Creative Group, we’ve seen firsthand the power of what happens when you get all 7 of these things right...

One of our clients went from nothing to a thriving business selling online courses—averaging over $60,000 per month.

What did he change?

The way he talked about himself.

The people he was going after.

The look and feel of his website.

The way he talked to his customers.

The medium he used to reach those customers.

In short, he changed his brand strategy.

If your results aren’t where you want them to be, the first place to check is your branding.

That’s where we’ve found most of the low-hanging fruit with our clients. What can you expect when you get all these right? 


You’ll see your most qualified prospects fighting for the chance to buy from you.


You’ll watch all your online conversion numbers skyrocket, from your mailing list to your passive website sales.


You’ll find that most of the marketing strategies you originally tried and then wrote off...actually work now.


Your website and paid ads will turn into your best salesmen, selling for you 24/7—and you’ll finally get the euphoria of “making money while you sleep.”

Our brand strategists would be happy to talk with you about what it’d look like to make this happen for your business. We’ve been down the road quite a few times before, and we can help call out the common pitfalls and shortcuts along the way.

If we both decide it’s a good fit to work together, we’ll help you reach the right customers with the right message, increase your conversion numbers, run effective online advertising campaigns, and much more.

Interested in having a chat with us? Just click the button below to tell us a bit about yourself: