Digital Product Development:

How to Do It Right (So You Can Get Sales While You Sleep)

You’ve heard how lucrative online courses and software products can be.

You hear about those “overnight success” stories where someone launched a course and made six figures.

You may even have a friend who goes to bed most nights, and wakes up to find they’ve made 3 sales while they were sleeping.

That’s the beauty of having a digital product. You don’t have to trade dollars for hours anymore. You don’t have to deal with shipping costs and Chinese warehouses and hiring teams of people dedicated to managing all that stuff.

But developing a digital product that actually sells?

That’s much harder than just slapping some password-protected content together in Teachable or WordPress. In fact, the majority of people who create digital products unfortunately make almost no money.


Because in order to have massive success with a digital product, you have to first identify your niche, discover exactly what your audience wants, and then be able to solve their problem in a big way.

When most people create an online course, they think, “What do I want to create a product or course about?” Instead, you should be asking, “What does my target audience most want a product or course about?”

This can be tricky, as it takes very tactical surveying, observing, and sometimes even interviewing. You want to be sure you’re creating the right course that solves the right problems.

When Leverage Creative Group does digital product development for our clients, we go through this process:


Gather a deep understanding of the audience you're going after


Create a list of possible products for you to review


Validate those ideas with real feedback from your potential customers


Move forward on the product or course with the most marketability, solving the customer’s problem as fully as possible


Create an easy-to-use, intuitive user experience that keeps people from asking for refunds


Help you sell it by figuring out the best way to reach your target customer online—and enlisting our proven copywriters to write evergreen marketing funnels that convert enough customers to go positive on your investment


Then, you can turn your funnel on and off at will—and make money whenever you want

If you’re looking for seasoned experts to handle your digital product development, we’re happy to talk about what it might look like to work together.

The last 3 digital products our team has created for clients have made over $100,000 each in their first two weeks of being open—all with an additional $10k+ streaming in each month in recurring revenue.

Sound like something you might be able to get used to?

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