Personal Brand Coaching That Gives You a Proven Blueprint to Building a Massive Platform

Individualized, High-Impact Strategy to Build a Massive Following

“I wish more people could hear this…”

Sound familiar?

It’s the voice in your head every time you write a blog post, give a talk, or send out an email.

What you’re saying is important. You know that.

...but you don’t know how to amplify it.

How do you actually get people to:

  • Read your blog posts?
  • Sign up for your email list?
  • Subscribe to your YouTube channel?
  • Follow you on Twitter?
  • And listen to your podcast?

Do you just have to get lucky?

It sure seems like it, right?

You can spend months writing a blog post, making a video, or tweeting diligently and still lie in bed wondering:

“Is this actually going to work? It doesn’t seem like anyone’s paying attention.”

We know what it’s like

To keep chipping away day after day with barely anything to show for your effort.

You’re putting in the hard work, and you’re getting by — but that’s it.

It doesn’t feel like you’re making any substantial progress.

And it might even feel like you’ll never get your personal brand of the ground.

But luckily, that’s not true.

The (Surprisingly Small) Difference Between Successful and Struggling Personal Brands

We’ve worked with everyone from New York Times bestselling authors to speakers just starting out, and we’ve seen a similar pattern:

The difference between wildly successful personal brands and those that can’t seem to get off the ground is much smaller than you think.

From our perspective:

In many cases, struggling personal brands are actually doing 90% of things right.

But the 10% of things they get wrong are HUGELY important.

So, if you’re struggling to grow your personal brand, there are a few things you need to know:

  1. You aren’t alone (and this is normal)
  2. You’re likely very close to a breakthrough
  3. We can help you get that last 10%

Get the Small Things Right and Increase Your Odds of Big Results with Personalized Coaching From the Team Behind New York Times Best-sellers’ Brands

Maybe you don’t need us. And that’s okay.

But if you’ve been trying to build a following for months (or even years) with little to show for it, maybe it’s time for something different.

If your current plan isn’t working —

Let us suggest something new to help you get that last 10% right.

Regardless of the size of your audience, we can help you figure out how to:

  • Write blog posts that generate traffic and leads from Google
  • Create podcast episodes your audience can’t wait to hear
  • Produce YouTube videos consistently increase your number of views and subscribers
  • Get new email subscribers every day
  • Turn casual audience members into paying customers
  • And so much more

We’ll work with you to build a high-impact ,custom-tailored strategy to grow your platform step-by-step.

Want one-on-one personal brand coaching from our team of experts?

Today, you can schedule your strategy call for just $1,000 by clicking the button below.

During the call, we will use our 3-step High-Impact “Brandstorming” Strategy to:

  • Analyze your current strategy to discover exactly what’s NOT working
  • Brainstorm quick fixes you can use immediately to eliminate unproductive work
  • Develop a customized strategy of high-impact activities to build your following

*Note: Upon payment, you’ll receive an email from us within 24 hours (on weekdays). You can get a 100%, no-questions-asked refund if you cancel at least 24 hours prior to the coaching session.*